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JBDATA Resources Inc. is known for providing enterprise solutions and information management services to large, medium and small size companies in the United States and in other countries.

JBDATA Resources Inc. focuses on Information Technology, Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Architecture divisions in companies.

JBDATA Resources Inc. vision is to provide IT solutions to meet its customers goals.

JBDATA Resources Inc. is also involve in recommending software and hardware platforms to technology groups and integrat(ed)ing systems within the following—

¨ Web Services

¨ Business Services

¨ IT Services

¨ Distributed Enterprise Data Warehouse

JBDATA Resources Inc. consultants possess strategic thinking capabilities as well as the ability to execute detailed level analytic knowledge base where required.

They adapt at delegating, following-up and team building. They recognize strategic opportunities for technology to offer changes in business models which would make a positive impact to business success.

JBDATA Resources Inc. is an equal opportunity company.


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