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Wild Horses submitted by Valerie
Wild horses grazing Prairies enjoying hills, rivers and pastures.

Racing Horses submitted by Valerie
Racing horses

Snow Covered Pastures submitted by Valerie
"Snow covered pastures" was written during winter when I arrived home going through Corcoran on Hwy 116, after a heavy snow stormy week. In the middle of munching all the goodies and treats you can ever imagine during the holidays, I grab a cup of Nescafe and started written this piece.

Seven Seas submitted by Valerie
Structural poem written about Seven seas filled with massive body of water, flowing in wavy, circular, rotational and parallel motions.

Two Eagles standing on a Ledge submitted by Valerie
What an enchanted piece written from capturing the site of twin eagles standing on a ledge gazing their surrounding.

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2014-04-11 - Two eagles standing on a ledge
Read more about Bald Eagles by Christopher Dobbs capturing some of their flights over rivers on a raining day. By Zeezee

2014-03-27 - Visiting Baikal, xgqpno, fizomstse - Moscow
i haven't been to baikal (the lake) or musrnamk (most northern important city in the world) but would suggest these.currency is 30-31 rubles. you'll find some things sell on rubles as would be on dollars. others will be same as dollar prices. like a tee shirt souvenir would be $10-15 (300-500 rubles) always bargain-down prices in open air markets, not the shops. and if hungry a snack of sausage doctorskaya 100-200 grams could be bought for 60c to $1.20. cut in a chunk right before you. (sliced in moscow) and a bread roll for 10 rubles. 30c. if you go to st petersburg, try the black currant ice cream. chernaya-black smorodina-currant berry is seldom seen (by me!!) outside spb . of course moscow has many attractions, St Basil's cathedral and red square, the moscow metro itself, gorky and many other parks, moscow zoo, the moskva river.the land is free to roam on. if you visit small towns and just want to walk in nature, there are few places a person is not allowed to just go. you can walk, fish (without nets) without a license; hunt mushrooms (easy to know right ones) in season -september, usually; wild strawberries june-july, bird watch, hill climb etc.i live about 700 miles past moscow, in winter, when i am there.

2014-03-27 - Unopened puppy food
We have a large bag of unopened puppy food we would like to donate. Please provide us with the address where we can drop it off.Our number is (305) 444-6628. Thank you.

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