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Bacon bites roasted chicken submitted by Valerie Fotso
Roasted chicken topped with bacon bites

Baked Cod Casserole submitted by Valerie Fotso
Baked Cod Casserole serve with steamed broccoli and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Dill Steamed Fish submitted by Valerie Fotso
Dill steamed Fish garnished with lemon

Stew Fish Fillets submitted by Valerie Fotso
Stew fish fillets with fresh tomatoes and black olives.

Grilled Fish Steak submitted by Valerie Fotso
Grilled Fish Steak

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2014-04-11 - Bacon bites roasted Chicken
This recipe is perfect with any wine flavor especially white wine made in California and Italy such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Melon de Bourgogne which is also made from grapes and melons found near the Atlantic ocean frontiers. The mixture of wine additive flavors brings out the best from fruity sweet to dry and light delicious feeling you experience when dinning for lunch or dinner in cafés or restaurants found in most Suburban cities.

2014-04-11 - Grilled Fish Steak
Most Southerners tend to enjoy fried ripe plantains serve with grilled fish compared to marinated red cabbage. While vacating in Cameroon, I was fortunate to eat roasted fish prepared by my mom where she lives by the street. It tasted more delicious than I could ever imagine with tubing rooted white yam called cassava. This cassava are use for producing other carbohydrate food groups commonly found in the area. It's a wonderful idea to travel and eat food from different places.

2014-04-11 - Grilled Fish Steak
This recipe sounds good to nite. Will catch up later with more remarks on how the directions turn up to be.

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